The Purpose of an Assessment

Psychological assessment is a process of psychometric testing that uses a combination of techniques to help provide information about a person and their behaviour, personality and capabilities. A variety of psychological assessment measures are utilised to provide insight into a client’s potential for learning, personality, interests, possible barriers to learning and emotional status. All these aspects are considered and interpreted in assisting parents and caregivers to understand the specific needs of an individual better and to help them to reach their full potential.

Assessments are generally requested in situations like:

* Parents concerned about their child’s development and progress

* Learning difficulties identified by teachers

* Poor scholastic performance

* Behavioural concerns

* School-based Assessment Committee Requests

* Concession needs (additional time, scribes, ammanuensis, large typeface, etc.)

Types of Assessment

Psycho-Educational Assessments

School Readiness Assessments

Developmental Assessments

Subject Choice Assessments

Career Assessments

Concession & Accommodation Assessments

Medico Legal Assessments

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