Pro-Bono Online Support for Healthcare Workers

During this most unusual and stressful time, the importance of supporting mental health needs to be highlighted. Even more so for our critical care healthcare workers who are placed at the front line in fighting this pandemic and cannot be shielded from the reality of it. In fact, they are faced with extreme circumstances, anxiety and trauma in which they need to continue their work. They are also often faced with being isolated from their families and their support structures.

It will not only be our doctors and nurses needing support in the coming weeks and months. In light of this, I am offering pro-bono online counselling sessions to Critical Healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, allied healthcare providers on the front-line, hospital administration staff, and even staff working in hospitals in procurement and storage, cleaners, etc.) in South Africa as we fight to #flattenthecurve.

Please contact me on 076 562 8271 or