Medico Legal Assessments

Medico Legal Assessment is when medical knowledge is sought to answer legal questions.  In the field of educational psychology this will often have to do determining possible levels of education pre-accident; present cognitive potential and scholastic / academic progress abilities; ascertain the possibility of future training or tertiary education for an individual who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident; and establish / ascertain how the accident under consideration may have influenced an individual’s future options (cognitive functioning). Such assessments are not limited to individuals who have been in accidents themselves, but also includes assessments in determining educational potential; the possibility of future training or tertiary education; and establishing / ascertaining how the accident under consideration may have influenced an individual in a Loss of Support claim.

Psychologists do Forensic Psychological (Psycho Legal or Medico Legal) assessments of clients, usually on request of an attorney or third party.  Assessments and Reports are frequently included as expert evidence in a range of cases including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Family and Child Law

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