Psycho-Educational Assessments

The purpose of a Psycho-Educational assessment is to uncover information as to why a child might be struggling at school. In order to gather this information, specific aspects are assessed.

Psychological aspects include:

  • language skills
  • memory
  • intelligence
  • verbal and visual learning
  • attention / concentration
  • eye – hand co-ordination for paper – and – pencil tasks
  • planning ability
  • reflective / impulsive response style

Academic skills include:

  • reading (phonetic skills, sight vocabulary, reading comprehension)
  • spelling
  • writing
  • mathematics (basic numerical operations, mathematical reasoning)
  • academic fluency (speed of reading, writing, calculating)
  • listening comprehension
  • oral expressive skills

Psycho-Educational assessments also include an emotional assessment aspect, in order to provide an in-depth overview of children and their general functioning within specific environments.

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